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Sisterhood – Loving & Living a Lifted Life

Take some time over your lunch hour to tune in to Sisterhood on Lifted Life, a platform where a panel of professional women tackle the subjects which matter to you, our listeners. We have expert guests in attendance, as well as interdenominational pastors. There is no topic off bounds, and no topic too small or too controversial. If you believe it matters, we will discuss it.

Let’s introduce you to our host:

Maria – working for the Ministry of Justice for many years, Maria has a wealth of knowledge within the criminal justice system.  She worked exclusively within the legal profession in various disciplines before specializing in criminal law

Here are our regular panelists:

Patricia – our senior school teacher.  Pat spent many years as a family lawyer, before changing career and becoming an English teacher.  She is now the Department Lead at her school;

Rochdale – our Human Resources professional.  Rochdale has spent most of her working life within Human Resources, working her way into management at leading companies and within the legal field.  She has decades of experience within field, from redundancies to strategic planning, tribunals and negotiations;

Lorna – our registered nurse.  Lorna has worked within the NHS as a registered nurse, before entering into management within the profession.  She has a wealth of knowledge on health care, as well as in her specialism of midwifery;

Josephene – our barrister.  Josephene is a qualified and experienced barrister, specialising in family law.  She has worked on many complex cases within her specialism and has a wealth of legal knowledge.

We discuss matters relating to Church life and our faith, the positives and the negatives as well as matters of doctrine.  However, we also discuss practical matters, such as financial literacy, debt and bankruptcy, as well as social justice, domestic violence, sexual abuse and our youth.  Oh, and sexual issues too – it matters!

So, what makes us different?  We discuss all topics through the lens of our faith.  You may wonder how a topic like bankruptcy can be viewed through such a lens.  Well, we believe our God cares about every aspect of our lives because He cares about us.   You matter to Him, so you matter to us on Lifted Life.

Feel free to communicate with us on social media – you will find us on Facebook and Instagram.

Join us every Friday at 1.00 pm GMT.  (Repeated Saturday & Sunday at 1.00 pm GMT)