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Science & Faith – Why The Conflict

We will be looking at the very current subject of Faith and Science and asking the question – why is there always a conflict? We can see that this has become very relevant in these days of the pandemic when there has been confusion and conflict in terms of the vaccine.

To help us debate the subject we will be joined by Steve Alexander Smith. Steve is a senior biomedical scientist. His experience spans 40 years across several major establishments. Although Steve specializes in diagnostic clinical microbiology, his background training is rooted in a variety of laboratory disciplines associated with medical tests, food, and environmental monitoring. Steve graduated from the University of Westminster with a master’s degree in medical microbiology. A writer in his spare moments, he is the author of the ‘British Black Gospel’, a best-seller on both sides of the Atlantic. His next book, ‘A Jamaican in Huddersfield”, charting his early life in West Yorkshire, is in progress – and we can’t wait.

The subject of science and faith is as deep as the ocean. We can look as far back as the days of Darwin when science first questioned creationism and the very existence of God.

Conversely, today our phones have been bombarded with videos questioning science and re-establishing faith as the priority.

But surely science and faith have to co-exist and, indeed, have co-existed. So, why is there conflict?

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